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Monday 3 July 2017

Written on

How much cardio to do to loose weight

Just few days before Ramadhan, my hubby bought me a Cardio Hit Workout.

He bought it after I've made so many complaints to him. hehehehe..

"Abang, my face burn ok while jogging at the taman. I can't continue doing that!"

... and so many bebelan I threw to him. hehehehe.

Finally we've decided to buy that Cardio Hit equipment (instead of Treadmill).

So I've started to workout everyday with the Cardio Hit; sometimes 100 calories in 20 minutes, sometimes 200 calories in 40 minutes.

But I still couldn't lose my weight! (fortunately no weight gained. hehehehe)

So I continue Googling all the tips for loosing weight.

And noe what, I've got these tips!

"To loose weight significantly, please do 10,000 steps everyday!"

Wow! Sounds merepek kan??

But it works actually.

And we can get it if we really determined to achieve that.

It's not really difficult to monitor your steps. Just install the apps in your smart phone, and you can monitor your steps onwards.

No matter what works you do, how many exercises you do, how long you take to walk at your taman.. please aim to get 10,000 steps everyday.

Like what I did, first I brought together my smart phone while doing the Cardio Hit Workout, reason: I want to monitor my steps.

So here what I've got:

100 calories = 2000 steps achieved

200 calories = 4000 steps achieved

From this results, I knew that I need to do 500 calories everyday to obtain 10,000 steps.

So guys, if u're working, don't worry. You still can achieve 10,000 steps everyday.

For example:

  • 1) Whether it's at work or going to the grocery store, park your vehicle at the end of the parking lot so you get additional steps

  • 2) Getup and move for 5-10 minutes every hour at work

  • 3) When coming home, continue to walk at taman, or even at home (stepping up & down at your stairs)

There are so many benefits actually when we consistently doing 10,000 steps everyday.

I will story in another entry , ok??

Bye ~


Ketahuilah, hidup sentiasa ada pilihan, maka berusahalah mencari pilihan yang terbaik utk kehidupan kita ~

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  2. Combine high and low intensity cardio. There is no need for long sessions of low-intensity cardio if your goal is only to shed those fats more

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