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Monday 3 July 2017

Written on

I am a very Determined Woman

Hye guys!

Before sleep, I want to list down all my targets , yeap in my Diary Blog here 😁

This is how I motivate myself, how I move my life.  I hate being comfortable in my comfort zone!!

Everyday I wake up, I knew I have a mission to complete on.

1) Speaking English with d kiddoz

2) Memorize 3 Surahs - Al Mulk, Al Waqiah, Yaasin

3) ID house like a hotel

4) Perform Hajj

5) Lose weight of 10 kgs

So far, these 5 things are d most I wanted for this year.

I dunnoe how, but I feel that I will, I will and I will achieve all those things by this year!

I believe in Ainul Shahrazad, she's a determined woman , and she will get what she wants by hook or by crook!

Ya Allah, please help and bless me to achieve all these targets by this year 💪

Remember guys:

When you have a mission, you don't sleep until its complete! 


Ketahuilah, hidup sentiasa ada pilihan, maka berusahalah mencari pilihan yang terbaik utk kehidupan kita ~

Pn Ainul Shahrazad
Shaklee Independent Distributor (ID No: 867597)

sms/whatsapp: +6013-6971176

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