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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Written on

Life as a working-at-home Mom

Assalammualaikum and hye!!

Have you ever wondered how's life being a mommy & at d same time, u're actually working at ur own house??

You know, I always thought last time that, life of a working-at-home mom was impossible to b realized..

Yeah, soooo many questions came out; can I have income RM 5k if I just stay at home? How stable I can be if I just focusing my work from home? What business is d most suitable that can give me all that I want! hahahaha... I'm a very demanding woman, I guess 😂

But surprisingly, all these questions were answered once I knew Shaklee! Crazy uh??

This "crazy" business has given me a lot, u noe!

Time Freedom

Money Freedom

Travel Freedom

Investment Freedom

House Freedom

Holiday Freedom

..... arghhhh, it brings me soooo crazy that I cannot let it go just like that!

I love this business, I love the offers that this business has offered me.

Hurm, being a Shaklee Working-at-home mom is such a precious memorable thing that I've chosen so far. hehehe. Alhamdulillah..

So how's my life as a Shaklee Working-at-home mom??

Wake up 🔜 Tahajjud 🔜 Bathe 🔜 Solat subuh & read Quran 🔜 prepare d kids for school 🔜 Workouts 🔜 Breakfast 🔜 Writing blogs 🔜 Update my FB secret group and d list goes on.....

So guys, if you really dream to be an official working-at-home mom, the first step u have to do is BELIEVE in yourself

Then you'll see the way! Trust me!

So good luck!


Ketahuilah, hidup sentiasa ada pilihan, maka berusahalah mencari pilihan yang terbaik utk kehidupan kita ~

Pn Ainul Shahrazad
Shaklee Independent Distributor (ID No: 867597)

sms/whatsapp: +6013-6971176

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ID: 867597

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