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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Written on

Rezeki itu Rahsia Allah

Alhamdulillah, I safely landed here..

Almost 6-7 hours journey, and now my body's aching! (Fuh, fortunately I'm bringing Ostematrix Shaklee)

Well, Today's flight was extremely superb for me. I've got d chance to upgrade from Economy to Business Class flight! Alhamdulillah ....

U noe guys, along d way to KLIA, I kept praying, praying, and praying to Allah, to give me the chance to fly in Business Class (even I've already did the online check-in, night before 😂)

When arrived KLIA, I was just standing in front of the flight screen, thinking how to upgrade my flight before dropped my luggage.

Then, I saw the ticket counter, and slowly I came nearer, approaching the MAS staff:

"Hye, is there any chance for me to upgrade my flight to Business class?"

I asked with very high hope 😂

The staff answered:

"Where are you flying to, ma'am?"

After giving all the infos, suddenly he said:

"Ok ma'am, we still have empty seat.
You just need to pay RM xxx only"

Wow!! Suddenly, there were Fireworks in my heart. hahahaha...

Rezeki itu Rahsia Allah, kan??

Actually I was surveying the Business Class since Ramadhan. But I couldn't proceed because the ticket was sooooo expensive!

RM 6k howkay - and with that price, I could buy 2-3 tickets for my kids. hahahaha!

But today, I just paid less than RM 1k, not even reach RM 600,  but I've got the chance to fly in Business Class flight!!

Allahuakbar ... baiknya Allah 😔

Anyway, I wanna have rest first.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures (org jarang naik Business class kan, surely jakun. hahahaha)

merasalah tiket Business Class

tempat nk drop bag pun different ok? siap mcm pintu gerbang. hahahaha

yeay, dapat masuk Golden Lounge MAS!

tgh mkn, suddenly dgr announcement "Puan Ainul Shahrazad, please proceed to gate for immediate boarding" . Apalagi, berlari lah haku dgn kasut tumit tinggi! 

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