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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Written on

Rezeki itu Rahsia Allah

Alhamdulillah, I safely landed here..

Almost 6-7 hours journey, and now my body's aching! (Fuh, fortunately I'm bringing Ostematrix Shaklee)

Well, Today's flight was extremely superb for me. I've got d chance to upgrade from Economy to Business Class flight! Alhamdulillah ....

U noe guys, along d way to KLIA, I kept praying, praying, and praying to Allah, to give me the chance to fly in Business Class (even I've already did the online check-in, night before πŸ˜‚)

When arrived KLIA, I was just standing in front of the flight screen, thinking how to upgrade my flight before dropped my luggage.

Then, I saw the ticket counter, and slowly I came nearer, approaching the MAS staff:

"Hye, is there any chance for me to upgrade my flight to Business class?"

I asked with very high hope πŸ˜‚

The staff answered:

"Where are you flying to, ma'am?"

After giving all the infos, suddenly he said:

"Ok ma'am, we still have empty seat.
You just need to pay RM xxx only"

Wow!! Suddenly, there were Fireworks in my heart. hahahaha...

Rezeki itu Rahsia Allah, kan??

Actually I was surveying the Business Class since Ramadhan. But I couldn't proceed because the ticket was sooooo expensive!

RM 6k howkay - and with that price, I could buy 2-3 tickets for my kids. hahahaha!

But today, I just paid less than RM 1k, not even reach RM 600,  but I've got the chance to fly in Business Class flight!!

Allahuakbar ... baiknya Allah πŸ˜”

Anyway, I wanna have rest first.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures (org jarang naik Business class kan, surely jakun. hahahaha)

merasalah tiket Business Class

tempat nk drop bag pun different ok? siap mcm pintu gerbang. hahahaha

yeay, dapat masuk Golden Lounge MAS!

tgh mkn, suddenly dgr announcement "Puan Ainul Shahrazad, please proceed to gate for immediate boarding" . Apalagi, berlari lah haku dgn kasut tumit tinggi! 

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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Written on

When Father is everything for them

My hubby loves kids...

And because of that, he is ok if we have many children. And the aim is to have 7 children; 4 boys & 3 girls. hahahaha πŸ˜‚

This post is dedicated for the very important person in d kid's life:


We're d luckiest kids to have you as our Daddy

Yeah, any man can be a father. But it takes someone special to be a Dad

You didn't tell us how to live. You lived and let us watch how you do it.

Tq for you eternal love to us!!

- Ammar, Sumayyah, Fateh, Maryam -

Dear Mohd Dzuha ...

Tq for being our son's first hero & our daughter's first love 😊

I love you , and I will love you over, and over, and over.

Without a pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat πŸ’“
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Monday, 3 July 2017

Written on

How much cardio to do to loose weight

Just few days before Ramadhan, my hubby bought me a Cardio Hit Workout.

He bought it after I've made so many complaints to him. hehehehe..

"Abang, my face burn ok while jogging at the taman. I can't continue doing that!"

... and so many bebelan I threw to him. hehehehe.

Finally we've decided to buy that Cardio Hit equipment (instead of Treadmill).

So I've started to workout everyday with the Cardio Hit; sometimes 100 calories in 20 minutes, sometimes 200 calories in 40 minutes.

But I still couldn't lose my weight! (fortunately no weight gained. hehehehe)

So I continue Googling all the tips for loosing weight.

And noe what, I've got these tips!

"To loose weight significantly, please do 10,000 steps everyday!"

Wow! Sounds merepek kan??

But it works actually.

And we can get it if we really determined to achieve that.

It's not really difficult to monitor your steps. Just install the apps in your smart phone, and you can monitor your steps onwards.

No matter what works you do, how many exercises you do, how long you take to walk at your taman.. please aim to get 10,000 steps everyday.

Like what I did, first I brought together my smart phone while doing the Cardio Hit Workout, reason: I want to monitor my steps.

So here what I've got:

100 calories = 2000 steps achieved

200 calories = 4000 steps achieved

From this results, I knew that I need to do 500 calories everyday to obtain 10,000 steps.

So guys, if u're working, don't worry. You still can achieve 10,000 steps everyday.

For example:

  • 1) Whether it's at work or going to the grocery store, park your vehicle at the end of the parking lot so you get additional steps

  • 2) Getup and move for 5-10 minutes every hour at work

  • 3) When coming home, continue to walk at taman, or even at home (stepping up & down at your stairs)

There are so many benefits actually when we consistently doing 10,000 steps everyday.

I will story in another entry , ok??

Bye ~


Ketahuilah, hidup sentiasa ada pilihan, maka berusahalah mencari pilihan yang terbaik utk kehidupan kita ~

Pn Ainul Shahrazad
Shaklee Independent Distributor (ID No: 867597)

sms/whatsapp: +6013-6971176
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She's my asset now

10 years ago, she was my Liability..

Alhamdulillah, now she's my asset.

I wasn't buying her neither to follow trends, nor for showing off.

I was very clear why I chose her for the 1st time..

...... yess, as for my 1st car.

And now, I should thankful to her because of her existence, pushing me to work harder & think smartly.

Because of her, I was soooo stressful in making decision to resign & because of her also, I was struggling to think my back up plan, to support the monthly commitmen.

Once I became soooo determined, I pushed myself to d utmost limit, yeah.. very struggling in my Shaklee Business just to make sure I could resign and at the same time, I could pay her..

Everything happens for a great reason, rite??

Most of people always put blame of what they've burdened of, but less people think how to create opportunity from it..

So how about you guys??

Remember: For things to change, you have to make a move 1st !



Ketahuilah, hidup sentiasa ada pilihan, maka berusahalah mencari pilihan yang terbaik utk kehidupan kita ~

Pn Ainul Shahrazad
Shaklee Independent Distributor (ID No: 867597)

sms/whatsapp: +6013-6971176

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Written on

I am a very Determined Woman

Hye guys!

Before sleep, I want to list down all my targets , yeap in my Diary Blog here 😁

This is how I motivate myself, how I move my life.  I hate being comfortable in my comfort zone!!

Everyday I wake up, I knew I have a mission to complete on.

1) Speaking English with d kiddoz

2) Memorize 3 Surahs - Al Mulk, Al Waqiah, Yaasin

3) ID house like a hotel

4) Perform Hajj

5) Lose weight of 10 kgs

So far, these 5 things are d most I wanted for this year.

I dunnoe how, but I feel that I will, I will and I will achieve all those things by this year!

I believe in Ainul Shahrazad, she's a determined woman , and she will get what she wants by hook or by crook!

Ya Allah, please help and bless me to achieve all these targets by this year πŸ’ͺ

Remember guys:

When you have a mission, you don't sleep until its complete! 


Ketahuilah, hidup sentiasa ada pilihan, maka berusahalah mencari pilihan yang terbaik utk kehidupan kita ~

Pn Ainul Shahrazad
Shaklee Independent Distributor (ID No: 867597)

sms/whatsapp: +6013-6971176

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Written on

My gegurl starts for Blogging

Hye guys!

I just want to share my excitement today. My doter, Sumayyah.. already has her own blog!

I've started to teach her to write everyday in her blog..

Yup, in a simple English wordings ...

I have one BIG MISSION for her.

She will be a pendakwah one day, also my business partner

I want her to start learning , to appreciate every moment in her life.

In shaa Allah, I will explain more once my mission accomplished. hehehe..

Sumayyah's face on her acik dean's body. hahahaha. Brilliant girl! 


Ketahuilah, hidup sentiasa ada pilihan, maka berusahalah mencari pilihan yang terbaik utk kehidupan kita ~

Pn Ainul Shahrazad
Shaklee Independent Distributor (ID No: 867597)

sms/whatsapp: +6013-6971176

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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Written on

Life as a working-at-home Mom

Assalammualaikum and hye!!

Have you ever wondered how's life being a mommy & at d same time, u're actually working at ur own house??

You know, I always thought last time that, life of a working-at-home mom was impossible to b realized..

Yeah, soooo many questions came out; can I have income RM 5k if I just stay at home? How stable I can be if I just focusing my work from home? What business is d most suitable that can give me all that I want! hahahaha... I'm a very demanding woman, I guess πŸ˜‚

But surprisingly, all these questions were answered once I knew Shaklee! Crazy uh??

This "crazy" business has given me a lot, u noe!

Time Freedom

Money Freedom

Travel Freedom

Investment Freedom

House Freedom

Holiday Freedom

..... arghhhh, it brings me soooo crazy that I cannot let it go just like that!

I love this business, I love the offers that this business has offered me.

Hurm, being a Shaklee Working-at-home mom is such a precious memorable thing that I've chosen so far. hehehe. Alhamdulillah..

So how's my life as a Shaklee Working-at-home mom??

Wake up πŸ”œ Tahajjud πŸ”œ Bathe πŸ”œ Solat subuh & read Quran πŸ”œ prepare d kids for school πŸ”œ Workouts πŸ”œ Breakfast πŸ”œ Writing blogs πŸ”œ Update my FB secret group and d list goes on.....

So guys, if you really dream to be an official working-at-home mom, the first step u have to do is BELIEVE in yourself

Then you'll see the way! Trust me!

So good luck!


Ketahuilah, hidup sentiasa ada pilihan, maka berusahalah mencari pilihan yang terbaik utk kehidupan kita ~

Pn Ainul Shahrazad
Shaklee Independent Distributor (ID No: 867597)

sms/whatsapp: +6013-6971176

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Written on

Interior Design Modern & Exclusive

Today, me n hubby came to visit our new house @ Tropicana Heights.

Actually we just wanna see the progress of the house. And, to our surprise, one of  the worker said, we will get the key just in few months from now!! Walah! 

Hati I dh berbunga2 ni. Can't wait to design my dream house! 

Before we went back, we drop by at the Terrace show house just to see the Interior Design (we've bought the Semi-D, not Terrace).

Wow, once entering the show house, we were amazed with the IDs!!

Lawa sgt ok! 

So let's cuci mata with all the photos taken. Ahakkks πŸ˜‰


Ketahuilah, hidup sentiasa ada pilihan, maka berusahalah mencari pilihan yang terbaik utk kehidupan kita ~

Pn Ainul Shahrazad
Shaklee Independent Distributor (ID No: 867597)

sms/whatsapp: +6013-6971176

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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Written on

List of My Visas

Hey, I'm writing again!

Once it starts, it will never stop. kikikiki

This Wednesday, I'm going to fly overseas again, and this time.. alone, all by myself.

Baby Maryam and d kids stay with Tok ibu & Tok Ayah with bibik n my sister.

I just belek my passport, and wow.. seeing all d Visas stamped on the passport makes me feel .. what d great Ainul, having all these "stuffs" on the passport

Yeah on my own passport! And it was like a dream tau! hahahaha

Anyway, What's the List?? .... check it out!

1) Visa United States of America

2) Visa Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

3) Visa China

... and plus others Visa on Arrival:

- Australia
- United Kingdom
- Japan

Btw, this passport is my 4th passport , hahahaha.

My previous 3 passports also got these Visa stamping.

Hurm, mcm hobby collection pula, duk kumpul Visa 😝

I love Travel like crazy !!

How about yours???


Ketahuilah, hidup sentiasa ada pilihan, maka berusahalah mencari pilihan yang terbaik utk kehidupan kita ~

Pn Ainul Shahrazad
Shaklee Independent Distributor (ID No: 867597)

sms/whatsapp: +6013-6971176

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Written on

Tema Raya 2017


Hi I'm back! After soooo long haven't updated this blog. hehehehe.

So what topics should I share this time??

Hurm, since Raya's mood still around, what if , I just share our Raya ootd yg not so cool and not well planned. (huarghhhh 😭😭nanti I story some other times)

This year, I beraya di rumah my mother-in-law @ Parit Buntar, Perak.

Long story cut short, our Raya theme this time was Mix Color! Blue, Brown, Yellow etc.

Next year, I'm planning for Black & Gold color, cool uh? hehehehe (hopefully)

Btw, enjoy the pictures . ngeeeeeeeee 😬


Ketahuilah, hidup sentiasa ada pilihan, maka berusahalah mencari pilihan yang terbaik utk kehidupan kita ~

Pn Ainul Shahrazad
Shaklee Independent Distributor (ID No: 867597)

sms/whatsapp: +6013-6971176
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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Written on

Risiko Bawa Bayi Ke Kolam Mandi Awam!

Hari Ahad lepas, saya bawa anak2 menghadiri Swimming Free Session di UKM Bangi..

Maryam in Perth!

Hajat saya, nak tengok dahulu, ok x hantar Ammar, Sumayyah, Fateh & Baby Maryam ke swimming kelas di bawah academy ni..

Suami saya dah cakap,,

"Maryam xperlu dulu, Yang penting Amamr, Sumayyah & Fateh"

Tapi konon nk rebut free session tu, saya pun xdgr ckp suami..

Bawa juga baby Maryam pergi session tu.

Ok, masa hari kejadian... memang sgt lah ramai orang!

Yerlah, nama pun Free Swimming session kan? Sure ramai berebut nak hantar anak2.

Tapi saya tak berapa puas hati dgn keadaan swimming area di situ.

Nampak kotor dan tidak terjaga sgt. Simen pun dh terjongkit2.

Ok, tiba session Maryam swimming.

Maryam sgt comel, ok, swim! Macam baby yg baru lahir. Cara pergerakan kaki dia, sooooo cute!

Sampai Coach swimming tu ckp.. "She's a fast learner"

Dan antara ramai2 yg dtg, Maryam seorang yang paling muda. Yang lain, umur 2 tahun - 3 tahun. Maryam je 1 tahun ++.

Dan masa session tu, ada beberapa kali Maryam terminum air pool.

Inilah pool yang Maryam mandi

Saya jadi x sedap hati.. huhuhuhu.

Balik je rumah, saya cepat2 beri Maryam Nutriferon Shaklee. Lepas tu, saya dan suami bergegas siap utk menghadiri event Shaklee di Sunway Pinnacle.

Pulang ke rumah, dah malam. Saya pun tidur mcm biasa dgn anak2.

Esoknya, Maryam kena sakit mulut. Dia mula tak nak minum susu..

Saya rasa badan Maryam.. sedikit panas. Bila check, temp dalam 37.6degC. Alhamdulillah, x kena demam yg teruk.

Badan Maryam sudah mula memberi respons kepada jangkitan yg menyerang dgn cara, suhu badan naik!

Memang betul. Inilah antara risiko dan bahaya mandi serta berenang di dalam kolam mandi awam,!

Antara risiko nya:

1. Keadaan kolam yang tidak bersih

* Ramai orang dewasa dan kanak-kanak yang membuang air kecil di dalam kolam mandi/renang semasa mereka mandi-manda dan berenang di dalamnya. Bayangkan jika ramai berada di dalam kolam tersebut, tentulah lebih banyak campuran air kencing di dalam kolam. Oleh kerana air kolam banyak, tidaklah kita terbau hancingnya, walaupun air kolam tercemar.

* Kebanyakan orang terus terjun ke dalam kolam mandi/renang tanpa mandi “shower” dan bersihkan badan terlebih dahulu. Ini akan menambahkan kekotoran air kolam tersebut.

* Risiko mendapat penyakit berkait dengan air kolam tercemar adalah tinggi terutamanya bagi mereka yang rendah daya tahan penyakit.

2. Risiko kanak-kanak mati lemas dalam kolam mandi/renang awam.

3. Air kencing, peluh dan losyen “sunscreen” mengandungi nitrogen 

* ianya memusnahkan klorin bebas yang dibubuh ke dalam kolam mandi/renang bagi membunuh kuman bawaan air.

* Jika ramai orang dalam kolam ini, maka semakin kuranglah klorin yang tinggal untuk membersihkan air. Kuman bawaan air ini boleh menyebabkan sakit jika tertelan atau terminum airnya - dan maryam mmg minum air kolam tu! Oh, siannya baby ummi..

* Klorin membunuh kebanyakan bakteria jika ia berada pada paras tertentu dan sesuai dengan keadaan air. Namun begitu, ada juga organisma, yang menyebabkan sakit, masih boleh terus hidup walaupun dalam air berklorin. Contohnya, parasit seperti Cryptosporidium boleh hidup selama 10 hari dalam air berklorin.

Di antara sakit yang berkaitan dengan kurangnya kebersihan kolam mandi/renang awam ialah cirit-birit, muntah-muntah, kejang otot, demam dan infeksi.

Dan inilah yang terjadi kepada baby Maryam! Infection di mulut! Beserta mild fever. Sebagai tanda badan sedang melawan serangan yang datang!

Saya tak terus bagi ubat demam pada baby Maryam. Saya bagi Nutriferon dahulu, dan saya jerlum Maryam. Memang seboleh2 saya akan elakkan bagi ubat demam. Saya akan "uruskan" demam tersebut terlebih dahulu..

Sebab apa saya tak terus bagi ubat demam??

Sebab nya boleh baca di sini: Demam Panas Bagus Untuk Anak??

Saya dah agak, Maryam akan kena jangkitan. Inilah antara RISIKO membawa bayi ke tempat awam.

Antibody mereka masih belum matang. Dan mereka adalah antara golongan yang paling senang sakit.

Memang tak boleh nak elak sakit ni. Sebab saya sendiri yang dedahkan baby Maryam ke tempat awam.

Yerlah, antara ramai2 yang hadir, mungkin ada yang tidak sihat kan? Dan penyakit juga bermutasi dari satu badan ke satu badan..

Bayangkan.. kalau waktu tu, ada orang dewasa yang bawa virus Difteria, lepas tu berkomunikais dgn bayi kita.. apa akan jadi? arghhhhhh, sian anak kita kan?

Kita ni...orang dewasa, antibody lebih kuat & matang dari bayi.. so kalau kena jangkitan, sure boleh lawan lagi..

Tapi kalau bayi??? Sebab tu, bila bayi kena virus jangkitan yg serius, ianya boleh membawa maut. Nauzubillah!

Tapi saya tak cepat give up! Saya mmg up dose Nutriferon, bagi pada Maryam. Sebab saya yakin.. dgn kuasa alami, yang Allah ciptakan.

Nutriferon yang dihasilkan dari biji labu dan beberapa bahan semulajadi yang lain, telah terbukti mampu meningkakan sistem imunisasi badan..

Saya bagi juga Maryam ubat demam.. 8-10 jam sekali. Bukan sebab demam, tapi nak bagi dia hilang sakit sekejap..

Memang saya x tidur malam, jaga Maryam.

Mulut Maryam penuh dgn Ulcer! Mujur demam xtinggi, dan tiada batuk atau selsema.

Isnin.. Maryam sakit.
Selasa.. masih sakit lagi.
Rabu.. masih sakit lagi

.... dan pagi Khamis, Maryam sudah kembali sihat! Syukur alhamdulillah. Dia dah boleh minum susu, dah boleh makan tanpa menangis!

So nasihat saya..

Seboleh2 elakkan bawa bayi yang berumur 3 tahun ke bawah ke tempat awam.

Dan pastikan kita jaga diet pemakanan anak2. Bantu mereka untuk tingkatkan antibody badan.

Cara saya..

Setiap hari:
- 1 biji Omega (letak dlm bubur)
- 5-6 sudu meal shakes (letak dlm susu)

dan Nutriferon bila perlu.

Pendapat saya.. kalau lah saya x bagi Maryam semua ni, mungkin Maryam akan kena sakit yang lebih teruk! Mungkin demam dia akan hit 38-39 deg, mungkin dia akan kena batuk , selsema etc..

Tapi syukur alhamdulillah, dah hampir 2 bulan Maryam x kena batuk selsema. Last kena masa July 2016 (masa nak pergi Perth).

Sehingga hari ini, masih belum kena batuk atau selsema.

Perkongsian ini adalah dari pengalaman saya, ibu kepada 4 orang anak yang pernah trauma suatu masa dahulu bila anak2 tak sihat.

Saya pernah melalui fasa kritikal bila mana anak2 saya dahulu warded beberapa kali dan sakit hampir setiap bulan!

Tetapi keadaan mereka IMPROVED bila saya mula memasukkan supplemen Shaklee dalam diet harian mereka.

Sekadar berkongsi dgn semua...

Kalau nak tahu info lanjut tentang Nutriferon, boleh baca entry saya yg ini:

Nutriferon - Penemuan Terhebat Dalam Bidang Immunologi

Semoga anak2 kita semua dilindungi Allah S.W.T

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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Written on

FLY Gathering Ulu Yam

Alhamdulillah, selesai Fly Gathering di bawah anjuran Masters United Shaklee.

Kedatangan kami semua disambut oleh tulisan besar ke Nur Laman Bestari Eco Resort

Ya Allah, tak dapat nak gambar kan betapa syukur nya ada program sebegini!

Terima kasih buat Fly Committee member:
- Master DOSH & MIA
- Master Laila & suami

dan semua yg hadir

- Master Nur Zahirah & Hafizan
- Master Nadiah & Amir
- Master Fazliana & Fairuz
- Master Ruziah Amin & suami
- Nadia najib and anak cucu, Jacky bass, Fadilah, Cik Pau

You guys are awesome!

Terima kasih kerana book dewan “Astana Bestari” yang jugak awesome sesuai untuk semua anak2 berlari dengan bebasnya…

Rasa semangat baru bila dapat berkumpul, share idea, share pengalaman, share masalah bersama!

Terima kasih juga buat FLY Group.

Semoga Allah kuatkan ikatan dan ukhwah ini, dan jadikan asbab utk kegemilangan Shaklee semula!

Master Dosh membuka majlis dengan memanjat doa kesyukuran pada Allah s.w.t. atas segala nikmat dan rahmat kurniaan-Nya selama ini.

M Dosh juga berkongsi pengalaman selama 6 tahun dalam Shaklee dan merumuskan ada 6 elemen penting yang mesti dijaga dan di’imani’ oleh setiap leader Shaklee.

  1. The Boss
  2. 3S Rules (Sell, Service, Sponsor)
  3. Kepercayaan dan keyakinan
  4. Perwatakan dan kebolehan
  5. Duplicate kunci utama
  6. Sentiasa bersyukur

Terima kasih M Amir kerana memberi nasihat dan perkongsian mengenai pengurusan kewangan. So, sesiapa yang ada masalah boleh dapatkan khidmat nasihat M.Amir.

Eh, score A+ Add Math dalam SPM pun belum tentu pandai manage cashflow oooo….. 

Namun dalam semua2 perbincangan dan input, berikut adalah catatan yang sempat di recordkan. 
  • M Ira/Pijan: Mengesyorkan agar SID kembali untuk menjual Shaklee dengan Retail Price kepada non-members dan mengetatkan tindakan pada SID yang tidak menjual dengan harga retail pada non member
  • M Laila: Minta Shaklee untuk sediakan nutrition talk melalui online memandangkan tidak ramai yang dapat datang secara offline.
  • Keduanya, mengajurkan eLearning ( ala-ala mini TTT… tetapi secara online)
  • M. Ainul: Perbanyakkan kekerapan dan tempat bagi nutrition talk. Patut ada disemua negeri.
  • M. Fairuz: Mengesyorkan supaya Shaklee buat program2 fizikal seperi aerobic, zumba etc.  

Cadangan2 ini diminta oleh M Dosh untuk kita majukan pada Shaklee sebagai input dari akar umbi gitu.

Akhir sekali, memang kena tangkap gambar ramai2 kan……

Ok, jom layan gambar sepanjang program...

Fly Committee yg hadir

My supporter, my backbone, my push factor - Mohd Dzuha

Master Amir memberikan perkongsian tentang Pengurusan Kewangan

Antara sharing dari Master Amir

Master Hafizan - Business Shaklee adalah business family. Inilah buktinya! Dokong anak sambil beri ucapan

saya turut x berkecuali memberikan cadangan

Master Nur Zahirah

Hah, yg ini Artis tau. Tapi saya x ingat namanya. 

Fateh and his new girlfriend. hehehe

Anak2 pun diraikan dalam program ni tau!

LAT family under Master Nur Zahirah

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